Hexion Inc
180 E Broad St Fl 26
Phone: (614) 225-4000p:614 225-4000 Columbus, OH  43215-3707  United States Ticker: BCI BCI

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Latest Financial Statements as of 9/30/2017
Business Summary
Hexion Inc., formerly Momentive Specialty Chemicals Inc., is a producer of thermosetting resins, or thermosets, adhesive and structural resins and coatings. The Company operates in two segments: Epoxy, Phenolic and Coating Resins and Forest Products Resins. Its products include civil engineering adhesives, electronics resins, electrical castings, composite epoxy resins, floor coatings, waterborne coatings (EPI-REZTM Epoxy Waterborne Resins) and electrocoat (LER, SER and bisphenol-A (BPA)), among others. The Company provides an array of thermosets and associated technologies. Its products are used in various applications, such as forest products, architectural and industrial paints, packaging, consumer products, composites and automotive coatings. Various industry sectors that it serves include industrial/marine, construction, consumer/durable goods, automotive, wind energy, aviation, electronics, architectural, civil engineering, repair/remodeling and oil and gas field support. The Company operates as a subsidiary of Apollo Global Management LLC.
(Source: 10-K)
Employees: 5,100 (as of 12/31/2012) Federal Tax Id: 130511250

Credit Scores
FRISK® Score 1 1/18/2018
Probability of bankruptcy range: 9.99% - 50.00%
Z" Score -3.91 (Fiscal Danger) 9/30/2017

Auditor Information
Last Audit: 12/31/2016
Auditors: PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Opinion: Unqualified

DBT Index
9 9 9
(Includes DBT Indexes from Subsidiaries)

Net Sales(millions)
Net Sales/Interest Income

Working Capital (millions)
Working Capital

Days Sales Outstanding
Days Sales Outstanding

Third Quarter and Year-to-Date Results
Sales for the 3 months ended 9/30/2017 increased 11.60% to $914.00 million from last year's comparable period amount of $819.00 million.  Sales for the 9 months ended 9/30/2017 increased 0.60% to $2.70 billion from $2.68 billion for the same period last year.
Gross profit margin decreased 0.85% for the period to $117.00 million (12.80% of revenues) from $118.00 million (14.41% of revenues) for the same period last year.  Gross profit margin increased 18.89% for the year-to-date period to $384.00 million (14.24% of revenues) from $323.00 million (12.05% of revenues) for the comparable 9 month period last year.
Selling, general and administrative expenses for the period increased 8.70% to $75.00 million compared with $69.00 million for the same period last year.  Selling, general and administrative expenses for the 9 months ended 9/30/2017 decreased 3.40% to $227.00 million from $235.00 million for the same period last year.
Operating income for the period decreased 62.50% to $18.00 million compared with operating income of $48.00 million for the same period last year.  Operating income for the year-to-date period decreased 66.36% to $110.00 million compared with operating income of $327.00 million for the equivalent 9 months last year.
Net loss for the period increased 48.94% to ($70.00) million compared with net loss of ($47.00) million for the same period last year.  Net income for the year-to-date period decreased 347.46% to ($146.00) million compared with net income of $59.00 million for the equivalent 9 months last year.
Net cash from operating activities was ($205.00) million for the 9 month period, compared to net cash from operating activities of ($131.00) million for last year's comparable period.  
Working capital at 9/30/2017 of $244.00 million increased 67.12% from the prior year end's balance of $146.00 million, and decreased 24.69% from $324.00 million at the end of last year's same period.  
Inventories increased by $45.00 million for the year-to-date period, compared to a $229.00 million increase in the prior year's comparable period.  
Accounts payable decreased by $21.00 million for the year-to-date period, compared to a $75.00 million decrease in the prior year's comparable period.  
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