Frequently Asked Questions - List Processing

How can I find out if my customers and suppliers are public companies, or subsidiaries?

Much of the benefit of subscribing to CreditRiskMonitor is to save time and money managing the credit risk of the public companies. For a typical CreditRiskMonitor client, public companies might total only 5% of the total number of accounts and/or suppliers. However, this 5% of accounts might typically represent over 50% of A/R!

You know that a single major customer or supplier going bankrupt unexpectedly could have major implications for the credit or purchasing department. But it can be difficult to find the time to discover which companies are public and which are private.

So, we will do it for you.

All you have to do is provide us with a list of business names and addresses, from your accounts receivable or procurement systems, and we will do the rest. We will automatically match companies to our database and we can do manual research as well, and do our best to identify not just the public companies in your list but also the subsidiaries of public companies. We will also try to find "public debt" companies (privately-held companies which file financial statements with the SEC because of the bonds they have issued) in your list. When we are done, we will send you a list of the companies we found for your review. 100% free of charge, and with no obligation to subscribe.

For prospective clients, we generally stop processing a list after identifying 100 public companies... since 50 would be more than enough to justify a subscription for most clients. If you are a Subscriber, of course, we will process your entire file with automated processing. We will process it with manual research too, if it is not too large.

If I am a Subscriber to CreditRiskMonitor, how can I get my portfolio loaded for me?

Want all the features of CreditRiskMonitor, including risk alert emails, as soon as possible? By sending us your list, as described above, we can put the companies we find into your Portfolio for you. No typing or lookups. No additional charge.

What type of format should the list be in?

Most of our clients prefer to send a password-protected Excel file, via FTP or email. But we are happy to process lists in a wide variety of formats, and accept them even by USPS mail. We can read business names and addresses in virtually any sequence.

How much does this service cost?

As indicated above, we seldom charge a fee for this service, unless the list is large. If it is large, we will give you a quote.

How long does it take?

The time required to process a list depends on the size of the file. Our standard time is one week for the "stop at 100" processing we do for prospective clients. If you are a Subscriber, you will want more complete automatic-match processing, so please allow a few weeks for complete processing (or longer, for large files). If we are busy with other Subcriber requests, we may tell you that we require more time. If you contribute your file to our Trade Payment program, both automated and manual research processing of your larger-dollar-amount records will be expedited, and entirely free of charge, no matter how big your file. We are always happy to estimate the time for this service.

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