Frequently Asked Questions - General

Is there a charge per report?

Our service provides for unlimited usage. You can pull down as many company reports as you would like without incurring any additional charges.

How do you access information in Company Look Up?

There are various ways to search for a company using "Company Lookup". You can search by
  • Name Only
  • Name & Address
  • Address Only
  • Phone Number
  • Stock Ticker
  • Federal Tax Id
  • Industry Name
Please follow the Search Tips included in each search screen. Note that Stock Ticker and Industry Name lookups are only applicable to publicly-traded companies.

How long does it take for new financials to appear on your site?

The amount of time will vary based on the market capitalization of the company and the date of the filing. When a company issues a press release with detailed financials prior to its SEC filing we will post a report based on that information and automatically update the company report when the actual documents are filed. Should you have questions about a specific company, please contact our customer service department.

How many companies do you have in your data base and what information do you provide on these companies?

We add thousands of companies to our data base every week, the total number of companies is in the millions. Our public company reports are extremely comprehensive and our reports on private companies will vary based on the information available. If you have questions on specific companies please contact our customer service department.

What do CRMZ News Stories consist of?

When you select to receive news stories on a company you will receive news alerts that are filtered for creditworthiness. Further, selecting your username in the top menu provides options to personalize your email. The email can either be in HTML or Plain Text format; in addition, the email format can be selected - either Full Text or Link to Text. (NOTE - The default selections are HTML and Full Text format.)

How do you print a report?

When you're viewing a report, click on the left-hand menu item called "Print/Save Report". This will allow you to either save the report to your computer or to print it. You have the option of printing either the standard CRMZ report or choosing which specific sections you wish to print.

I have software that prevents Pop-Up windows so how do I "Print/Save This Report" or "Add To My Portfolio"?

You will need to disable this feature when you want to "Print/Save This Report", "Print This Page" and/or "Add To My Profile". Both of these options employ pop-up windows. Many Pop-Up Blockers have an exception list, which allows specific web sites (which you define) to use pop-ups, but blocks all the rest. If you want to add our site to such an exception list, make sure you add both "" and "" to the exception list.

How many companies can I have in my profile at one time?

There is no limit.

How do I add to/ delete from my profile (portfolio)?

When you're viewing a report, click on the left-hand menu item called "Add to My Portfolio" to add that company to your Portfolio. To remove a company from your Portfolio, click on the "My Portfolio" tab to see a listing of all the companies in your Portfolio. Click on the "Edit" link next to the company you want to remove, then click on the "Remove From Portfolio" button.

Can I create more than one portfolio?

You can create as many additional portfolios as you want. When you choose the option "Add to my Portfolio" while you're viewing a Company Report simply follow the instructions under Step 2 to Create New Folder. You can also use the "My Portfolio" section of the site to modify your portfolio and folders.

How can I view my entire Portfolio on one screen?

Click on "Portfolio" at the top of the page and then click on "Manage Portfolio" located on the menu options at the left side of the page. Here you will see your entire Portfolio along with the most recent financial statement available and the ability to turn email alerting on or off. You can choose this page as your start page by simply changing your default start page in the "Preferences" section.

How do I compare a company to a peer group?

When you are viewing a company select "Peer Review" from the list of menu options on the left. The first comparison that is presented is the company relative to Industry that the company operates in. If you want to compare the company to a different peer group then select from the Peer Group drop down list that includes a listing of all the Personal Folders that you have available.

How do I save and/or email a report?

Click on the "Print/Save Report" from the list of menu options on the left. When the pop up appears, uncheck the "Auto Print" checkbox. Check all of the sections that you want in the report, and then click on the "Assemble Report" button. When the report has been assembled, a pop up box will tell you "To save this report, click on the 'File' menu and select the "Save As" menu item. In the "Save as Type" item, in the "Save Web Page" dialog box, make sure you select "Web Page, HTML only", which is the default.

To email the report, click on the 'File' menu and choose 'Send'. Select to send to 'Mail Recipient' or to 'Mail Recipient as an Attachment' and just complete the email. Alternatively, you can attach the saved file to an email.

How do I download and save financial data?

  1. Click on the "Download Data" link at the bottom of the financial statement
  2. When the "File Download" box appears click on "Open". If the "File Download" box appears again then click on "Open" again.
  3. The information should now be in Excel
  4. In Excel go to the "Format" tab
  5. Choose "AutoFormat"
  6. Click on OK (use the default "Simple" format presented)
  7. The financials should now appear properly formatted
  8. To save the file go to the "File" tab
  9. Choose "Save as"
  10. Rename the file in the "File Name" area
  11. Choose Microsoft Excel file type in the "Save as type" area
  12. Finished

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