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"CreditRiskMonitor is the best, most accurate, and easy-to-read credit risk information company out there, filling the gap in this market for public companies. One of the features I like the most is the corporate linkage information. CreditRiskMonitor is an irreplaceable source of the latest and most comprehensive information about public companies."
Source: Corporate Credit Analyst, Fortune 500 Office Retailer Share
"Credit Risk Monitor is an invaluable tool when making informed credit decisions in today's market. The information provided is always current, relevant to our needs and the site is user-friendly."
Source: Finance/Credit, Fortune 500 Chemical ManufacturerShare
"Excellent tool at a manageable price for our public companies and some payment experience on private companies… you can set your portfolio so you receive all news on a particular company including earnings releases, SEC filings, debt ratings changes etc. One of the big benefits from my perspective is all the ratios calculated for you. It's like having a credit analyst."
Source: Michael T. Hart, ICCE, Manager, Credit & Receivables, TimkenShare
"Our CFO at Anheuser-Busch expanded the role of our Risk Management function to monitor the larger vendors of our company's suppliers of products and services, financial institutions and insurance companies. In our Accounts Receivable management it was obvious that CreditRiskMonitor would fill a large void; plus, it would provide exactly what was being sought for strengthening our focus on the vendor side as well. CreditRiskMonitor is a very strong product in depth of content that is very reasonably priced, so it was an "easy sell" for us to make to management. We have been very pleased ever since."
Source: International Treasury & Risk Management - Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.Share
"By sending my trade files to CreditRiskMonitor, I am able to get a much better picture of how our customers are paying us. It has become an important part of our process. Their Action Reports and Receivables Snapshot Report are very easy to understand and provide great insights into our portfolio’s receivables at risk and payment performance. The hidden slow payers and predicted slow payers reports are value-added pieces of information that we plan to incorporate as we target opportunities to improve our customers’ average days to pay. Excellent information that is right at our fingertips without us having to spend hours of analysis to obtain!"
Source: Glenn Lifrieri - Head of Global Credit Management - LonzaShare
"One word that describes CRMZ is convenience. The service offers a lot of analysis in one place, which enables me to be more efficient. It's fast, user friendly and reliable. I also like their FRISK® score."
Source: Rony Rajeh - Credit Evaluations - ConocoPhillipsShare
"Our Credit Portfolio Managers use CreditRiskMonitor to do write ups on accounts with whom we do over $200K per year. The CRMZ service is very helpful in identifying companies that are doing well, or not so well. It helps us keep a close eye on them for Bankruptcy, over-extended in debt, and much, much more."
Source: Credit Portfolio Manager - DistributorShare
"This week we were able to raise a customer's credit line and release some large orders, because the Trade Payment analysis in the CreditRiskMonitor report showed a significant recent improvement. Other data sources we use are still showing slow payment, but because CreditRiskMonitor is timely, we were able to satisfy this customer and make the sales."
Source: Credit Manager - Steel Industry Share
"I rely on CreditRiskMonitor almost exclusively. I am very impressed with how much up to date and useful information is available via the CRMZ Service. Plus, the one-on-one customer support is a nice compliment to the service. I have never seen a more reliable and useful resource for all my credit needs."
Source: Don Schacht - Credit Analyst - PAREXEL InternationalShare
"CreditRiskMonitor saves me a lot of time. Your staff is great, very helpful and I always appreciate their assistance."
Source: Tom Briand - Corporate Credit Manager - Chemtrade Logistics Inc.Share
"The Trade Contributor Reports training was excellent. Very helpful and informative. CRMZ is awesome!"
Source: Director of Credit and Collections - Iron and Steel IndustryShare
"The Confidential Financial Statement tool, specifically the Shortcut Statement, has been a great supplement to the analysis tools that we use. The Shortcut Statement allows us to quickly enter those key totals of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement for a calculated risk rating that confirms our independent analysis or alerts us of possible financial concerns."
Source: Seth LeBlanc - Credit Analyst - Placid Refining Company LLCShare
"With over 25 years of experience in commercial credit analysis, primarily in the poultry industry, I have used several providers of credit information, news and financial analysis. My goal has been to constantly upgrade the quality of the information services we use, while improving the expense-dollar value of these relationships. CreditRiskMonitor offers a comprehensive set of features, unequaled accessibility, and given their fee structure I was happy to replace one of the primary sources I had been using for several years with a subscription to CreditRiskMonitor. A major bonus to me as a provider of trade credit data to CreditRiskMonitor is the ability to view my customers' histories in so many ways. These reports allow me to more accurately focus our efforts, modifying our collections approach to minimize risk and maximize the cash-flow of my Accounts Receivable portfolio."
Source: Bill Smith - Corporate Credit Manager, Accounting & Finance - Simmons Foods, Inc.Share
"I wish to share with other Credit and Financial professionals my very positive experience with CreditRiskMonitor (CRMZ). We use the CRMZ tool in ways that even CRMZ may not have envisioned.

In certain cases we have been able to condense our Credit approval process from hours to minutes or even less using the Summary page. The key data points and one click to stock information makes reading through dozens of pages of financials unnecessary in some cases.

We use CRMZ to filter for both public and private companies to detect tax liens and suits that other reporting agencies miss. In several cases CRMZ reported significant tax liens that others failed to capture, that has altered our risk mitigation strategy. The new trade payment reports feature is also being worked into our daily process.

In addition to the public and private company benefits, we also have included municipalities into our portfolio. With the current elevated risks with California cities and in particular chartered cities we rely on the news gathering resources available to CRMZ for early detection of pending failure. CRMZ reported the potential for Stockton, CA to file BK as early as February 24, 2012 a full four (4) months prior to the actual filing. With this early warning we right sized our credit limits and communicated the elevated risk to the Sales organization. We have repeated the same process with the City of Compton, CA. CRMZ is the only tool that truly aids our efforts to look over the horizon at potential failures.

Our portfolio stands at over 650 accounts covering our public, large dollar private, and large dollar municipal customers covering tens of millions of dollars in annual revenue. The ability to view an industry at a strategic level gives us a specific metric to measure individual customers with their peers. The FRISK® score allows us to isolate and focus on companies with higher risk while not being bogged down in reviewing stronger players. I am very confident that we are better connected to our customers and therefore able to develop more effective risk mitigation strategies.

Finally, I have found CRMZ to be very receptive at all levels to questions and suggestions."

Source: Financial Services Manager - Industrial SupplyShare
"As a Procurement professional, I am concerned about the financial health of current and potential future suppliers. CreditRiskMonitor is a powerful tool, offering a wealth of information with a few mouse clicks. I particularly like the email alerts I get on companies I select for monitoring. Recently, CreditRiskMonitor sent me an announcement regarding my own company before I received the internal email. Now that's impressive."
Source: VP Procurement - Waste IndustryShare
"CreditRiskMonitor is always my first source for information and is the "complete package" for a public company of interest, including comprehensive financials and ratio analysis for sequential quarters and year over year comparison, peer analysis, latest company news, website links, and risk ratings. Customer service is superior with very prompt and helpful responses. The e-mail alerts are also very timely. CRMZ is the real deal and as the old saying goes - delivers the best bang for the buck! "
Source: Pam Hughes - Eastman Chemical Company - North America Credit SupervisorShare
"My company has been doing business with CreditRiskMonitor for 2 years now, and I could not be happier. For the cost, we definitely get plenty of "bang for our buck." The financial reports are excellent, as is the new ability to add financial reports I collect from my customers. Their research team is outstanding, with a very professional and responsive staff. My thanks for the wonderful relationship we have with CRMZ, in particular, our Account Manager. I look forward to many more years of successful business."
Source: Greg Larson - Credit Manager - Bsquare CorporationShare
"I use your service every day, especially the updates and FRISK® score alerts. The CRMZ tools have been very helpful to us in achieving low rates of delinquency and losses."
Source: Gary Hartvigsen - Director of Credit & Collections - All-In-One Inc. - AppleOneShare
"The service is great. It is an integral part of our Credit Department."
Source: Erwin Storz - Director of Credit - AEP IndustriesShare
"CreditRiskMonitor has been a "required" service for me over the past 12+ years of credit management. I can't over-emphasize the importance of it to my business."
Source: Dan Clayton - Director, Credit & Collections - NetScout Systems, Inc.Share
"CreditRiskMonitor is a huge asset to us as we review companies for lines of credit."
Source: Steve Bingham - Retail Credit Analyst - Toyota Financial ServicesShare
"My first impression of CreditRiskMonitor was something a credit professional rarely sees, a gift of time. The Daily News Updates keep me up to date, supporting financial exposure and decisions; when I receive an email from my Account Manager, asking me if I have the time to discuss a new feature that is available, at no charge, and that appears would work well for me... that IS service!"
Source: Rosalind Turner - Director of Credit - Royal Baths Mfg. Co., Ltd.Share
"We are very pleased with CreditRiskMonitor. The data analysis displays, quick links, news alerts and industry benchmarking are useful risk management tools from both an objective and subjective perspective. Enhancements are launched in the promised time frames, and the User Groups provide meaningful economic briefs and information to support scoring mechanisms."
Source: Anna Mantel - Credit Manager - A. Schulman Inc.Share
"Just a quick word to thank you for the help you've provided us this past year. During the course of the year, we were able to develop our own credit scoring system that utilizes many of the ratios that are readily available in your service. Consistency, timeliness, and accuracy are vital in our analysis and CRM is simply a perfect tool for our needs."
Source: Angelo Cristofanilli - Conseiller Gestion du risqué - Hydro-QuebecShare
"Thank you for excellent training on the Credit tool. The service you offer will be very helpful to me in my new role as Credit Manager."
Source: Heather Pinnock - Anheuser-Busch InBev, NA ZoneShare
"I first saw CreditRiskMonitor in 2009 at NACM's Credit Congress. Every one of the Subscribers I spoke to gave the service a stellar rating. Our trial worked so well for us we cut our other credit information service and got a subscription. Since then, my staff has also been pleased with several new added features. This is a very useful credit management tool and we just signed up for another year."
Source: Anthony Mitchell, CBA - Credit Manager - Rochester Midland Corp.Share
"The Trade Contributor Reports give me lots of ways to analyze my accounts, helping me to manage my receivables. These reports help me react, and will help me to be more proactive at targeting those slow and potentially slow customers."
Source: Martha Ramkissoon - Credit/Collection Analyst - Bridgestone Aircraft Tire, USAShare
"The "Manage Confidential Financials" facility is extremely useful - it has saved me many hours of time organizing and evaluating the financial statement data I collect from customers. And it is just one way the CreditRiskMonitor subscription cost is paid for, many times over."
Source: Financial Analyst - Natural Gas Distribution UtilityShare
"CreditRiskMonitor is a power tool providing timely news alerts, financial information, and much more. These features combined with their excellent customer service makes CRMZ a must for any company's credit department."
Source: Credit Analyst - Electronic Instruments & ControlsShare
"I can't think of a thing that CRMZ could do that would provide us with better information. Taylor Corporation is an extremely satisfied customer."
Source: Steven Marsh - Director of Credit - Taylor CorporationShare
"As a customer of CreditRiskMonitor these last several years, I've been more than satisfied. I've had the opportunity to avail myself to most of the major commercial credit reporting services out there. CreditRiskMonitor is among the most comprehensive in terms of both quality of information, format for easy readability and quick reference along with overall price competitiveness in the market. Our largest individual credit exposure centers around publicly traded companies. It is here where I find your service most relevant to assure a fair and accurate assessment of their financial strength and resulting credit line determination, due to your excellent reporting and financial analysis."
Source: Ron Fountain - Credit, Collections & Accounts Receivable Manager - True Textiles, Inc.Share
"Your portfolio risk history highlighted that one of our customers was "at risk," causing us to take action to reduce our exposure. We knew there were issues, but CreditRiskMonitor demonstrated the degree to which we were at risk. If we are able to reduce our exposure to the levels we wish, and this customer does default, CreditRiskMonitor will have paid for itself many times over."
Source: Joe Willis, Delphi CorporationShare
"Given the present state of the economy this tool is one of the most powerful sources of information in my arsenal. When a change in Risk occurs I know about it immediately. I wish I had been a subscriber years ago. I know I will be for as long as I manage this company's or any other company's single largest asset. Thanks again."
Source: Lee R. Tompkins - Credit & Collections Manager, NA METTLER TOLEDOShare
"CreditRiskMonitor has been a part of our risk assessment for less than a year, and we were already saved from a six figure loss by the information provided by this service. The timeliness of information provided led us to the correct decision on a multi-billion dollar company that has now filed for bankruptcy. I just wanted to say thanks, and keep up the good work."
Source: Credit Manager of an independent oil companyShare
"I consider our contract with CreditRiskMonitor to be the BEST value we have. The information is clear and complete. The continuous updates on my registered clients is invaluable and convenient for monitoring. I especially appreciate the true customer Service I always receive."
Source: Accounts Receivable Manager at a $500 million professional staffing firmShare
"One of the best business decisions our company made was to enlist CreditRiskMonitor...The up to date email announcements allow our credit managers to allocate time for file review within THEIR schedules, versus continually signing into a site that may only have information two or three years old!"
Source: Credit Manager of a $2 billion semiconductor manufacturerShare
"We are very pleased with your service. The power and timeliness of your reports is second to none. We are finding a great amount of information at our command, and in today's business world this is vital to our business decisions. THANK YOU."
Source: Harry Cushman - Director of Credit, Berlin Packaging LLCShare
"You have done an outstanding job publishing timely, accurate and very comprehensive reports. This has helped tremendously in the making of sound financial decisions for my organization. I was happy to promote your service to our Semiconductor operation."
Source: Global Credit Manager, Fortune 500 Electronics ManufacturerShare
"CreditRiskMonitor has continued to run rings around the old competitor with rapid responses and the ability to analyze customer performance from a 360 degree perspective. Thanks very much for making our job easier by supplying the valuable tools that credit managers need on a daily basis."
Source: Credit Manager for an apparel manufacturerShare
"...CreditRiskMonitor is setting new, unprecedented standards of quality for the market of financial information... it has become an icon of performance excellence in the corporate credit world and through its combination of abundant information, accurate analysis and interactive communication with its customers... a one stop financial mall for fresh and reliable credit information...that I use daily for accurate and timely risk related decisions."
Source: Credit Analyst at a major chemical companyShare
"With the service of CreditRiskMonitor, we were able to avoid a $100K loss. Because we received timely information and updates on finances, we placed a large company on credit hold long before they filed bankruptcy. Had we not used this service, we would've continued to releases orders without realizing the risk."
Source: Credit Manager at a $5 billion supplier of facilities maintenance productsShare
"We have been using CreditRiskMonitor for over two years and find the information to be timely, accurate and very helpful in the financial evaluation of our customer base. A most useful tool that we highly recommend to our fellow credit professionals."
Source: Treasury Manager of a major private manufacturerShare
"My company has been a user of CreditRiskMonitor for over 4 years. I have been very impressed with the speed of notification of reports, analysis and news items concerning my customer base. The site continually improves, adding value to the small subscription cost. Customer service is absolutely the best!"
Source: Credit Manager at a $2 billion Canadian mining companyShare
"I have found the CreditRiskMonitor product to be very user friendly and easy to navigate. The reports are easy to run, and the data is in a format which is concise and easy to read. The daily email notifications are a great way for me to keep abreast of changes with accounts in my portfolio, without me having to initiate any specific effort to do so. CreditRiskMonitor is just a great tool for any credit organization which must manage their time and resources in as efficient a manner as possible."
Source: Sr. Manager of Global Credit & Collections for a $100 million software companyShare
"I find CreditRiskMonitor to be a great resource for reliable, timely and user friendly financial information and news on my customers. The breaking news email alerts are an invaluable tool in providing updates on important events that impact my customers. I visit the site several times every day."
Source: Credit Manager at a $2 billion fertilizer producerShare
"CreditRiskMonitor is exceptional at meeting our needs regardless of what we ask or how quickly we need it. They have a passion to please and show remarkable skills at finding the correct data regardless in what continent, country, state or city an account resides. CreditRiskMonitor is truly an extension of my team. They love to make us look good; it just doesn't get any better than that."
Source: Director of Credit Operations at an $8 billion food companyShare
"I'm responsible for getting my team the best information at the best price. In CreditRiskMonitor (CRMZ) I've found a business partner that allows me to achieve both at the highest possible level. I have reduced my D&B costs while upgrading my overall level of vendor support. CreditRiskMonitor offers a timely, accurate, flexible tool that comes with a huge competitive advantage....their involved Customer Service skills!!"
Source: Director of Credit Operations at an $8 billion food company.Share
"I am a Credit Manager in the energy industry who relies on CreditRiskMonitor's instant updates to keep me informed of all financials and news in the industry as soon as they are public. This is a very valuable and informative resource."
Source: Credit Manager at an oil and gas company with $600 million in annual revenueShare
"I no longer use D & B as CreditRiskMonitor is less money, and I get more information on a more timely basis. I can put an unlimited number of customers in my portfolio - all for the same price! Also, I no longer have to do the financial ratios as CRMZ does them for me!.Also, with the new Sarbanes Oxley requirements, it is much faster and more accurate to do credit checks with CRMZ!"
Source: Credit Manager at a $1.4 billion semiconductor companyShare
"The current email updates of breaking news on the financial sector of customers in our data base is vital for making moment to moment decisions."
Source: Credit Manager at a nationwide branded dairy operator, with over $2 billion in annual salesShare
"We appreciate having CreditRiskMonitor resources at our fingertips. The e-mail prompts on accounts are especially useful and a real time saver."
Source: Senior Analyst at a $120 billion energy companyShare
"It has personally led me to make decisions on two companies that avoided six figure losses due to bankruptcies. Without CreditRiskMonitor I would not have had the timeliness of the information to make the right decision."
Source: Division Credit Manager of an $8 billion Fortune 500 chemicals companyShare
"CreditRiskMonitor's portfolios, alerts, multiple financial reports and analysis and other services allow for a much better understanding of the customer. The credit professional is able to save the time of gathering and organizing the data and to focus on understanding the information and the credit risk involved."
Source: Division Credit Manager of an $8 billion Fortune 500 chemicals companyShare
"Tracy, I love this version of news reporting. Thank you so much for taking your time to show me the wonderful tools of CreditRiskMonitor. I love everything it does for me. It is a tremendously helpful site and you, above all, are awesome!"
Source: Credit Analyst at a global financial institution with $100 billion in assetsShare
"Kellyanne, thanks for being there. Your site has bailed me out a few times in the past year. GOOD STUFF and more current than D&B."
Source: Director of Credit at a manufacturing Company with $1.5 Billion in SalesShare

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