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CreditRiskMonitor as Quoted in:
CreditToday, September 2012 PDF (506K)
How to be less surprised by a large customer's bankruptcy (or Demystifying the "cloaking effect") This study demonstrates that it would be foolish to evaluate the financial strength of a public company using a score based mainly on Trade A/R payment information, as is typical when evaluating small private companies, because the payment behavior of public firms is different. (It may still also be available at CreditToday, where it was published.)
Chain Store Age, June 2006 PDF (35K)
The regular column, Behind the Numbers, features the Altman Z'' score.  Use of the score is explained and various retailers are compared on the basis of this score.  

Chain Store Age, February 2006 PDF (115K)
The regular column, Behind the Numbers, features the ratio: Operating Income/ Net Tangible Assets. Various retailers are compared on the basis of this ratio.  


A Persistent Myth: Are small private firms really riskier than large public firms? PDF (111K)
From Business Credit magazine, June 2008, this article gives the answer, based on publicly available statistics: an unequivocal "No, public firms are much riskier... especially now."  


Credit Research Foundation
CRF Supplier Evaluation Survey PDF (137)
The Credit Research Foundation released this survey of its membership - nearly all of whom are practicing Credit professionals -- in May 2012. For over 40 years CRF has been a leading voice for credit professionals. In the wake of the 2007-2009 "Great Recession," many companies were forced to re-learn just how much disruption a financially-distressed supplier could cause to their businesses. CFOs pushed to improve procurement practices, and many Credit professionals who had previously focused on customer credit found themselves more directly involved with supplier evaluations. The survey measured the trend towards a greater "advisory" role for Credit departments in procurement, and how the analytical techniques used for customers are adapted to evaluating "sole-source" or "key" suppliers.  

Lessons for Businesses to Learn from Today's Credit Crisis PDF (219K)
The Credit Research Foundation released this editorial-style paper in October 2008, and it was featured on the website. For over 40 years CRF has been a leading voice for credit professionals. Here they say, "The majority of businesses within a company's portfolio are going to survive the financial crisis. Some will be better for it. Other businesses however are going to succumb to the economic pressures and fail. Trying to segregate the winners from the losers represents a daunting task."  

CRF Bad Debt Recovery Survey Analysis PDF (76K)
The Credit Research Foundation conducted a survey recently to explore bad debt recovery rates and practices. For over 40 years CRF has reported annually on the condition of bad debts related to annual sales along with the allowance for uncollectible accounts as a percentage of trade receivables. However, this recent survey was the first time recoveries were studied. The survey provided valuable data to facilitate analysis and insight determination to augment CRF’s annual bad debt report. Read about the results and the interpretations provided by author Al Carmenini, Senior VP Product Development at CreditRiskMonitor.  

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