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CreditRiskMonitor saves you time...

...with integrated services designed to meet the needs of corporate credit professionals.

The Fundamental Service offers the best presentation of ratio analyses and fundamental company information available on the internet. It includes:

  Commercial Credit Reports
Why spend hours assembling financial analysis?
  • Get ratings and scores in seconds
  • See detailed 5-year financial analyses
  • Download data into your spreadsheet in less than a minute
  • Compare a company to its peer group in seconds
These comprehensive commercial credit reports for more than 40,000 public companies world-wide feature annual and quarterly financial analysis, financial statements, peer analysis, company background information, Moody's ratings and analysis, and Standard & Poor's ratings. Reports also include trade payment data, and public filing information (i.e., suits, liens, judgments, and bankruptcy information) on over 6 million public and private U.S. companies.

Plus, when you subscribe to CreditRiskMonitor, you get our unsurpassed customer service. When you need training or support, speak with a dedicated professional who knows you and your company, not an offshore call-center. Your account manager will call you with tips, improvements in the service, and more.

  Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting
Why spend hours checking news services?
  • Filtered to cut out non-financial stories
  • Delivered as a single daily list of headlines, or full text articles in real-time
  • Combines multiple news services
  • Timely and up-to-date
Just identify the companies you care about (your "Portfolio"), and this service will deliver credit-related news, financial updates, SEC filings, Moody's or S&P rating changes, without the clutter of the "company softball team" stories you get from other services. We monitor your portfolio 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year, so you always know what's going on with your customers.

Don't know which of your accounts are public? We'll identify them FREE. No obligation.

The NEW Credit Limit Service for public companies enables you to:

  Compute credit limit recommendations
Why spend hours determining credit limits?
  • Go beyond credit scores - get an answer
  • New, sophisticated model blends 3 accepted methods for risk analysis
  • Proven, back-tested on over 10,000 public companies
  • Customize the recommendation to match your company's relationship with each customer
  • Reasons for the recommendation are shown
  • Accurate, objective, consistent and fast
For the first time, this service enables you to calculate recommended credit limits for each of your public-company customers. Based on a tested model which incorporates three academically accepted methods: (1) a stock-market driven Merton-type approach, (2) issuer ratings and (3) Altman Z'' scores. This unique service enables you to customize key elements describing your company and the relationship with your customer… so every recommendation can be appropriate for each relationship. You are in control. This objective, consistent service will even help you to explain credit decisions.
  Monitor credit limits
Why spend hours analyzing every bit of new data?
  • Be aware of changes that matter, and skip those that don't
  • We will help you set up credit limit recommendations to be re-computed every night, for each of your public-company customers
  • Indicate a credit limit amount for each customer, and the system will alert you if its recommendation falls below this amount
  • Get alerts by email, only when necessary
  • Alerts point to new information in the Fundamental Service, so you can quickly decide what to do
For the first time, monitor an answer: the credit limit. In the past, you monitored bits of data (or scores). You had work to do before you knew if a change mattered. Now you can monitor a recommended credit limit, and focus your risk analysis time where it is really required.

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