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Investor Information

Corporate Officers

  • Jerry Flum - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • William Danner - President
  • Larry Fensterstock - Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer


    • JOSH FLUM has been an executive with CVS Caremark Corporation since July 2004. Mr. Flum began his career at CVS Caremark in Store Operations and is currently Senior Vice President, Retail Pharmacy. Prior to joining CVS Caremark, Mr. Flum spent three years with The Boston Consulting Group specializing in the Consumer and Retail Practice Area. Mr. Flum is a graduate of the Yale Law School and spent the first years of his professional career clerking for the Honorable Edward R. Becker, Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, and then at the law firm of Miller, Cassidy, Larroca and Lewin, LLP.

    • JEFF GEISENHEIMER has been the Chief Financial Officer for the Coleman Research Group, Inc., a primary research firm serving the investment and corporate communities, since September 2011. In this capacity, he is responsible for all the financial, administrative and research operations. Prior to joining Coleman Research Group, Mr. Geisenheimer was the CFO of five private equity-backed companies (Ford Models, Inc., from 2008 to 2011, Managed Systems, Inc., from 2007 to 2008,, Inc., 2007, Instant Information, Inc., from 2005 to 2007 and Moneyline Telerate, Inc., from 2003 to 2005) and two publicly traded companies (, Inc., from 1999 to 2003, and Market Guide, Inc., from 1987 to 1999). While CFO at three of these companies (Market Guide, Multex and Moneyline Telerate) he oversaw their acquisition by much larger corporations for a combined transaction value of over $750 million. Mr. Geisenheimer received a BBA degree in banking and finance and a MBA degree in accounting from Hofstra University.

    • RICHARD JAMES is a Consultant for Sigma Breakthrough Technologies, Inc., working with leading international and domestic Fortune 500 companies to improve their new product development and operational processes, since 2005. From 1980 until 2002, Mr. James served as the Technical Manager for Polaroid Corporation's Consumer Hardware Division, supporting manufacturing plants in Scotland, China and the United States. In this role he was responsible for increasing the business performance of Polaroid's instant consumer cameras through improved manufacturing processes and product redesigns. From 1968 through 1979, Mr. James was President of James Associates, a group of businesses involving accounting and tax preparation, small business consulting, real estate sales and rentals, and retail jewelry sales. Mr. James was a founding Board member and VP Finance of the Boston Chapter of the Society of Concurrent Product Development. Mr. James holds a BS in chemical engineering from Northeastern University and has completed extensive managerial and technical subjects.

    • ANDREW MELNICK has been a Managing Partner of SkyView Investment Advisors. The firm provides investment advisory services to institutions and high net worth individuals as well as managing a fund of hedge funds partnerships and acting as lead sub-advisors to 40 Act mutual funds of hedge fund managers. From 2005 to 2009, Mr. Melnick helped manage two hedge funds. He retired from Goldman, Sachs & Co. at the end of 2004. He joined Goldman Sachs in 2002 as Co-Director of its Global Investment Research Division and a member of its Management Committee. Prior to joining Goldman Sachs, Mr. Melnick was Senior Vice President and Director of the Global Securities and Economics Research Group of Merrill Lynch. During his 13 years at Merrill Lynch, he expanded the Firm's Research Group from primarily a domestic effort to one with research offices in 26 countries around the world. During that period Merrill Lynch was ranked as the top research department in nearly all regions of the world including six straight times as the number one equity research department in the United States. Previous employment: President of Woolcott & Co. a boutique research and investment banking firm; Director of Research and a Partner of L.F. Rothschild Unterberg Towbin; and Senior Analyst at Drexel Burnham Lambert. He is a director of the New York Society of Security Analysts. Mr. Melnick earned a BA in economics and MBA in finance from Rutgers. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (C.F.A.).


    • Jerry Flum was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Company and Chairman of the Board of Directors in June 1985. From 1968 to 1985, Mr. Flum was in the investment business as an institutional security analyst, research and sales partner at an investment firm and then as a general partner of a private investment pool. Before entering the investment business Mr. Flum practiced law, helped manage a U.S. congressional campaign and served as a legal and legislative aide to a U.S. congressman. Mr. Flum has been a guest lecturer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Sloan School of Management Lab for Financial Engineering. Mr. Flum received a BS degree in business administration from Babson College and a JD degree from Georgetown University Law School.

    • William B. Danner was named President of CreditRiskMonitor in May 2007. He joined the Company in May 2005 as Chief Marketing Officer and was appointed Chief Operating Officer in October 2005. Mr. Danner brings to the Company over 20 years of financial services and information services experience. Prior to joining the Company, his most recent experience included brand strategy and business development consulting for financial services clients at his own firm, Danner Marketing. Clients included WellPoint and Bowne & Co. Previously, he was at Citigate Albert Frank, a marketing communications company in New York City, where he provided strategic planning and brand consulting for a variety of leading financial services organizations including Reuters Instinet and the CFA Institute. From 1997 to 2001, Mr. Danner was Vice President of Market Development at MetLife's employee-benefits business. Before joining MetLife, he was at Dun & Bradstreet for over 5-1/2 years, most recently as Vice President, Strategic Planning. He spent nearly the first 10 years of his career at General Electric Company, working in increasingly responsible positions at GE Information Services and GE Capital. Mr. Danner earned a BA in economics at Harvard College and an MBA at Harvard Business School.

    • Larry Fensterstock was elected Chief Financial Officer in January 1999 upon the Company's acquisition of Market Guide's credit information services division. He joined Market Guide in September 1996 to assist in the formation of its credit information services division. From 1993 to 1996, Mr. Fensterstock was with Information Clearinghouse Incorporated ("ICI") and was closely involved in the formation of its credit reporting service. In addition to being responsible for the publication of the various facets of this credit reporting service, he was chief operating and financial officer of ICI. From 1989 through 1992, Mr. Fensterstock was Vice President-Controller, Treasurer and Corporate Secretary for a private entity formed to acquire Litton Industries' office products operations in a leveraged buyout. There, he spent 2-1/2 years acting as de facto chief financial officer. Mr. Fensterstock is a certified public accountant who began his career in 1973 with Arthur Andersen LLP. He earned an MBA degree from The University of Chicago Business School and a BA degree in economics from Queens College.

    • Michael Broos was appointed Chief Technology Officer in December 2001. He has more than 30 years of experience leading technology teams in the development and implementation of software applications for the Internet, Windows, DOS, and mainframes. Before joining the Company, Mr. Broos was Senior Vice President of Technology for; Chief Technology Officer of; Chief Technology Officer of; Vice President of Internet Solutions for; and Vice President of Software Development for Dun & Bradstreet Information Systems for 8 years. Prior to joining Dun & Bradstreet in 1990, Mr. Broos was an independent consultant and entrepreneur for 10 years, during which time he co-founded several software companies, including Infocom (the creators of Zork). Mr. Broos began his career with a ten-year stint on the academic computer research staff of the M.I.T. Laboratory for Computer Science, where he developed interactive, graphical and email-based applications for the ARPANET (the precursor of today's Internet).

    • Camilo Gomez joined the company as Senior Vice President, Quantitative Research in October 2009. He brings over 12 years experience in applying advanced analytics to business problems, and the ability to enhance and expand CreditRiskMonitor's services in the areas of credit modeling and scoring. Dr. Gomez was most recently a principal at his firm, Lone Pine Mesa LLC, where he consulted with companies in the area of specialty finance since 2005. Previously he was a Managing Director at Standard & Poor's Risk Solutions group since 2001. Before S&P, Dr. Gomez was co-founder and Group Head for Financial Analytics for the Center for Adaptive Systems & Applications ("CASA"), a company spun out from the Los Alamos National Laboratory where he had been a researcher. Formed in collaboration with Citibank, CASA provided quantitative analytical consulting services to Fortune 500 companies. A major focus at CASA was to develop scoring and economic response models covering different regions of the globe. Dr. Gomez earned a B.S. in 1980 and a Ph.D. in 1985 from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    • Patricia A. McParland joined CreditRiskMonitor in November 2014 as Senior Vice President, Marketing. She brings more than 20 years of business information industry experience in marketing and product management for industry leaders such as Dun & Bradstreet and Dow Jones as well as smaller companies. Most recently she was heading the corporate marketing team at D&B, performing progressively more challenging roles in marketing communications, product marketing and product management over a 13-year tenure there. From 1992-2000, Ms. McParland worked for Dow Jones, where she provided integral leadership in the redesign of Dow Jones Interactive, a Web-based research service for enterprise customers, and in the creation of, its successor formed by a joint venture with Reuters. Her experience in the information industry includes all aspects of marketing, from product creation through launch, sales enablement, branding, marketing communications and digital marketing. She started her career in marketing communications at NewsNet, a pioneer in online business news. Ms. McParland holds a B.A. in English from the College of William and Mary.

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    Valley Cottage, NY 10989
    845-267-4110 (FAX)

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