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Directory of Public Companies in Mauritius

A complete commercial credit report with financial statements is available for every company listed below, and for more than 40,000 public companies in our worldwide data base. But don't take our word for it. Examine a typical commercial credit report for free. We're sure you will agree that the quality of our commercial credit report is second to none. Note: Light grey text indicates a business whose financial statements are not current.
Covering $49 trillion of revenue worldwide (World GDP is $70 trillion)

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1. Air Mauritius Limited Transportation Airline
2. Alteo Ltd Consumer/Non-Cyclical Crops
3. Ambre Hotel Services Hotels & Motels
4. Atlantic Leaf Properties Ltd
5. Automatic Systems Limited Services Casinos & Gaming
6. Bank of Mauritius
7. Bayport Management Ltd Conglomerates Conglomerates
8. Bee Equity Partners Ltd Capital Goods Construction - Raw Materials
9. Belle Mare Holding Limited Financial Investment Services
10. Bramer Banking Corporation Ltd Financial Regional Banks
11. British American Invest. Co. (Mauritius) Financial Regional Banks
12. Caudan Development Limited Services Real Estate Operations
13. Century Banking Corporation Ltd
14. CIEL Ltd
15. Cim Financial Services Ltd Financial Consumer Financial Services
16. Compagnie des Magasins Populaires Ltee Services Retail (Department & Discount)
17. Constance Hotels Services Ltd Services Hotels & Motels
18. Dale Capital Group Ltd Services Hotels & Motels
19. Delta International Prprty Hldgs Ltd
20. ENL Commercial Ltd Services Retail (Specialty)
21. ENL Land Ltd Consumer/Non-Cyclical Crops
22. Essar Energy PLC Energy Oil & Gas - Integrated
23. Fincorp Investment Limited Financial Investment Services
24. Gamma Civic Ltd. Capital Goods Construction Services
25. Go Life International PCC Healthcare Biotechnology & Drugs
26. Harel Mallac and Company Limited Capital Goods Constr. & Agric. Machinery
27. Innodis Limited Consumer/Non-Cyclical Food Processing
28. IPRO Growth Fund Ltd Financial Misc. Financial Services
29. Ireland Blyth Limited Financial Insurance (Prop. & Casualty)
30. Lux Island Resorts Ltd Services Hotels & Motels
31. Mauritian Eagle Insurance Company Ltd. Financial Insurance (Prop. & Casualty)
32. Mauritius Cosmetics Ltd Consumer/Non-Cyclical Personal & Household Prods.
33. Mauritius Oil Refineries Limited Consumer/Non-Cyclical Food Processing
34. Mauritius Stationery Manufacturers Ltd. Services Printing Services
35. Mauritius Telecom Ltd
36. Mauritius Union Assurance CY Ltd Financial Insurance (Life)
37. MCB Group Ltd Financial Money Center Banks
38. Mon Desert Alma Limited Consumer/Non-Cyclical Crops
39. Morning Light Co Ltd Healthcare Medical Equipment & Supplies
40. National Investment Trust Ltd. Financial Misc. Financial Services
41. New Frontier Properties Ltd
42. New Mauritius Hotels Ltd Services Hotels & Motels
43. Omnicane Ltd Utilities Electric Utilities
44. P.O.L.I.C.Y Limited Financial Misc. Financial Services
45. Phoenix Beverages Ltd Consumer/Non-Cyclical Beverages (Alcoholic)
46. Phoenix Investment Company Ltd Consumer/Non-Cyclical Beverages (Alcoholic)
47. Plastic Industry (Mauritius) Limited Basic Materials Containers & Packaging
48. Promotion and Development Limited Services Real Estate Operations
49. Rockcastle Global Real Estate Financial Misc. Financial Services
50. Rogers & Company Ltd Financial Insurance (Miscellaneous)
51. SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd Financial Regional Banks
52. Swan General Ltd Financial Insurance (Life)
53. Terra Mauricia Ltd Utilities Electric Utilities
54. Terragri Ltd Utilities Electric Utilities
55. The Mauritius Chemical & Fertilizer Ind. Basic Materials Chemical Manufacturing
56. The Mauritius Development & Invest Trst Financial Misc. Financial Services
57. The Mauritius Leasing Company Limited Services Rental & Leasing
58. The Mount Sugar Estates Company Limited Consumer/Non-Cyclical Crops
59. Tropical Paradise Co Ltd Services Hotels & Motels
60. Union Flacq Ltd. Consumer/Non-Cyclical Food Processing
61. United Basalt Products Limited Capital Goods Construction - Raw Materials
62. United Docks Ltd. Services Real Estate Operations
63. Vivo Energy Mauritius Ltd Energy Oil & Gas Operations


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